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I Was a Communist for the FBI

I Was a Communist for the FBI is a virtual time capsule that captures the super-patriotic, intensely anti-Communist sentiment in early 1950's America. The show dramatizes Matt Cvetic's forays as an FBI undercover agent, making his way into Communist sells around the country, and reporting his findings to the FBI during his 9-year stint with the agency.

Broadcast in syndication during the height of the "Red Scare" and the McCarthy Era in the United States, the show aired from 1952 until 1954 in 30-minute episodes on as many as 600 radio stations.

The FBI declined to cooperate with I Was a Communist for the FBI,, and was never involved in any part of its 78 episodes. Scripts were based on author Cvetic 's stories, originally published in the Saturday Evening Post, and subsequent bestselling book of the same name. Dana Andrews brought an alluring Hollywood star quality to the radio series while Frank Lovejoy starred in the 1951 film of the same name.

There are 74 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Audition Little Red Schoolhouse April 16, 1952
I Walk Alone April 23, 1952
I Can't Sleep April 30, 1952
Little Red Schoolhouse May 7, 1952
Red Red Herring May 14, 1952
Pit Viper May 21, 1952
Traitors for Hire May 28, 1952
American Kremlin June 11, 1952
Tight Wire June 18, 1952
A Riot Made to Order June 25, 1952
Where the Red Men Roam July 2, 1952
The Dangerous Dollars July 9, 1952
Rich Man, Poor Man July 16, 1952
Canadian Crossfire July 23, 1952
Draw the Red Curtain July 30, 1952
Red Clouds on the Good Earth August 6, 1952
Exit on the Left August 13, 1952
The Red Record August 20, 1952
Burnt Offering August 27, 1952
Squeeze Play September 3, 1952
Violence Preferred September 10, 1952
The Rat Race September 17, 1952
Jump to the Whip September 24, 1952
Pennies from the Dead October 1, 1952
A Suit for the Party October 8, 1952

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